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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Instant gratification

Finals have taken a toll on my sleeping schedules (and quite possibly my ability to function). Thankfully, it's all over now. Nonetheless, here's a pictorial journey of how I spent my 2 months away from this space.


1. First Hari Raya Celebration with my classmates (so thankful for these bunch of bossom buddies)
2. Celebratory crepe making session after my mid-terms, which involves a whole lot of Nutella and calories
3. My mom got me a pair of ZARA heels on one of her weekend shopping trips, I haven't stop parading around the house in it since
4. Instax-lovin' and light reads on Fridays (T.G.I.F!!)
5. On one of the many solo trips this month around Bras Basah on a hunt for art supplies and knick-knacks
6. A day before Finals - arms stained with formulas and splotches of ink
7. Diabetic treats 
8. Half-completed watercolor painting as part of the art prep work
9. Sushi Date with Dad right after the Amath paper
10. Trip to East Coast Park right after the rain with J&D - the tides were pretty high, but we braved the mossy rock structures to gaze upon the lapping waves 
11. Korean BBQ and horror movie date with the bunch on the Saturday after finals are over
12. Starting on a new book and purchased some new Yankees!


It is nights like this that makes me ponder about the clefts of my pudgy palms, not much about the infrequent creases that interrupts the fine lines of my flesh, but the tidings of my entire life that may possibly be drafted upon my very own hands. Much like my believe for palm reading, I am starting to feel slightly more certain about my supposed 'objective'. Maybe some day I will be able to get a decent grip on what's ahead. After the previous consultation, I'm hoping to stay a little more grounded and get by each day with much passivity. Hopefully this will be for the better.

I've settled to enjoy much time alone lately too (which explains my private twitter/instagram accounts, Disabling my ask.fm, removing most social interactions from this space). Maybe it's time to reconnect with myself. After all the trauma that had taken place, it's great to see that things are settling back to it's original state; possibly better. It's also time to peruse on things besides a certificate and other materialized elements. However, I'm not complaining about attaining a decent education and my frequent online visits to asos etc. Although online shopping may quite possibly be a better cure to everything!


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