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Saturday, January 14, 2012

the zit on my elbow should be zapped

The title of this entry has absolutely nothing to do with the entry today. Instead, it's going to be my heartfelt feelings and a word-vomit about someone, someone special to me. A word of cautions, it's going to be so mushy you ought to find a pail for yourself to puke.

The person probably will never read this, so.............. here goes.

As cliche as it sounds, i hope to one day, catch a movie, go to the library or somewhere quiet, just so we could talk over the most unnecessary things and we could head to the park nearby and enjoy the breeze. I miss how we write to one another, and even the simplest gestures of trying to brush you off by saying "I'm sweaty" while we hug, knowing you still continue to hold on. I miss how we use to sit at every other corner of the campus just talking and whiling our time away, throwing killer winks at each other by the walkway, and sheepishly smiling to one another every time we happen to meet. I miss the feeling of having to accompany you home. How we would walk to the end of the train just to watch the train move further away from the station as it travels through the dimly lit tunnel, it felt surreal. I miss how we coincidentally happen to meet in the library, and end up studying together. I love these little things we've done. We've made it clear to remain as friends, i promised. As much as i hope to move on, i would be lying if i said a part of me doesn't tingles inside everytime i see you smile, how it sometimes feel as though i'm never good enough for you or how my stomach constrict into knots of anxiousness every time i catch a glimpse of you. Thanks for coming into my life, it's been great year.


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