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Saturday, February 18, 2012

float on, weakling

This past week was full of cramming notes into my seemingly tiny brain, taking a break from dance, crying at night because i had a feeling I'd fail, and waking up early to study - to conclude, it was the CA week. No, not that the CAs are already over, there's still a paper on Monday and 2 other the next week, but I'd choose to believe that it's already over and I'm a free-spirit.

It's crazy because I wasn't the type who would typically pick up a notebook to record notes during lesson, neither was I the sort who would study for hours straight. I suppose it has already dawned upon me that it's the streaming year, besides it's only term 1, the second month of the school year. Who would've thought i'd ever do that, not me for sure.

I feel nonchalant, so so so mundane. I need some thrill in my routine-ish life. But then again, who am I to say that. Everyone leads mundane lifestyles, every other student living in this hell hole goes through the everyday motions of life just for the sake of it. I hope to meet up with the girls but they're all having damn o levels. And N is abroad now, for 2 years. Sigh.

March holidays should come fast, there'll be the dancers chalet, G's party, fleaing at scape and moving of house. On that note, we got a unit just 2 bus stops away from school, thus I shall bid good bye to this dainty small neighborhood and falling asleep in between lessons because of my odd sleeping habits.

Here's to conclude my week in school,

P/S I bleached and distressed my denims and it's looking fabulous *twirls around

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