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Monday, February 13, 2012

lovely spirits

It's been long (considering fact that I blog most of the time) (I don't like the world blog, it's just gross)

I'm at the library now, and there are many sad people around, OH THAT REMINDS ME, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!! The celebration today was so dope, I received so so so many cards, cookies, brownies, flowers, candies and plushies. Can you feel the love? Thank you so much :-) (I mean, if you are reading this) many people I never thought would give me these gifts actually did, so glad :-) and I used up all of my films, so it was very fulfilling. Y'KNOW TK IS GREAT AND WE ARE EVEN BETTER WHEN IT COMES TO CELEBRATING VALENTINES. oh yea you heard me right!

So.............anyway I'm in the library waiting for someones arrival but I doubt she's coming so, I got ditched on valentines :-( that aside, I'm gonna go get koi, and some chocolate cake to celebrate with my books. People are probably getting wasted and having sex, but that's okay i have my books. Though i'm not in the mood for celebrating vday cause CAs are 2 days away. Hurrah. Feel the joy.

But that's okay. Shoving chocolates and candies into my mouth helped.

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