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Sunday, September 23, 2012

guilty pleasure // mischief

Been feeling the whole compulsivity creeping up on me again, this time just 4 days before the exams. I've been yet again, feeling a little less lucid lately, somewhat unattached and desolated. I'm sure it wouldn't last long, but the last time i had a feeling somewhat similar, I woke up the next morning, took a bus to the nearest salon, to chop my locks, all at a go. (I've never cut my hair to such an extend all my life) and then I went ahead to get my helix pierce before it soon faded off.

These are the things on my mind:
1. Shaving my sides
2. Intense work out and dieting. I've plan an exercise schedule to follow up after the exams
3. Shisha/cigar. The whole smoking thing have never appealed to me in general, and the smell is very much appalling. I don't know why either. I probably shouldn't say this. But I doubt I will give it a go.

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