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Saturday, August 25, 2012


I cannot believe i missed passion pit live in singapore, it just hasn't sunk into me yet. Just about 2 weeks back, they were playing 'take a walk' at day 2 of Outside Lands 2012 and i was absolutely ecstatic, just grooving to 'little secrets' and 'to kingdom come' in the toilet after a long day at school when i saw a picture someone posted on instagram saying that they were playing live at the esplanade concert hall several days later. Nothing made up for that yet.

Here's a snippet of passion pit playing at outside lands
god knows why i've been obsessed with passion pit lately, maybe the whole 'ellie goulding' thing is dying off after 2 years of mentally claiming her mine.


My saturday was spent with mom and dad at a restaurant in vivocity where we had food and talked over the scenic view of sentosa island. The roller coasters of USS could be seen jutting out from the greens and it was a clear distinction of the serenity at the almost empty restaurant to the people probably exhilarating over the thrill at the theme park. Either way, both works well for me. Mom and dad went to get the groceries while i walked the mall alone in a knitted maroon cardigan i found off the rack at cotton on. I then proceeded to topshop to get a lip marker and then to the sports shop with mom to get a 12kg dumbbell and gloves for training sake.

Josh is coming over for dinner later and its been far too long since we met, and i'm feeling little shaken for putting on some weight over the holidays. Thats what you get for loving food eh?

There! The pictures of today! which includes a snuggly puppy and xlbs!
The berry crumble N, M, Y and i made for our home econs exam; I haven't eaten the crumble yet because the sink broke in the home ec room and we washed the berries in muddy water. You have been warned, stay away from the 3rd sink on the right side of the kitchen!
Ponche with C and I because the Chiam Chiam decides to change our attitude to this instead
Pictures from the recent project work festival, where i embarrassed with those kacang putih cones in my hands asking everyone to get buy them. That includes running around the school with N singing the kacang putih song we came up with, it also comes with accompaniment from mr uke!

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