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Monday, August 20, 2012


When I was a child, my dad use to have a restaurant by the beach and next to the shore where the wooden railings are, was a television that only plays WWE or cage fighting shows. And despite, having done ballet at that age, boxing and martial arts as a whole appealed to me all along. Today, I was happy for the whole fucking day because I realise that my mom's hulk-looking personal trainer is too, a muay thai trainer!

You would've probably guessed it already but I am starting muay thai lessons next month but he made a promise to my mom to work on my right knee first because of the constant throbbing pain I experience but I fucking hate knee guards. But either way, I'm starting muay thai lessons and just down the road from my place is a boxing ring. And if I ever were to train there next time, my childhood will probably be complete! So fucking happy, I'll be a dancer who does muay thai fuck yes. Whoopiedoo.

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