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Saturday, August 18, 2012



verb. disregard - ignore - omit - slight
noun. negligence - omission - dereliction - default

very much similar to the state space, negligence was what i was experiencing lately. I've passing through a phase whereby negligence no longer feels as bad as it sounds, and maybe being alone no longer sounds like the end of the world. It has dawned on me that I need too much alone timenow a days but maybe its just my hormones on a roller coaster ride. I like walking alone in the corridors and in walkways, i like spending my recess in the library or in the classroom and being alone doesn't necessarily mean being lonely. The 13 year old me, ought to be proud of me now.

Now, too much narcissism! Enough! The dancers had our R&R on wednesday this week and the turn out was more than what we expected. On a side note, great news! Chiam liked the idea of our item (sec 2 dansical) and want J and I to further develop the plot because she wants to add it into our performance item next year! MARK YOUR CALENDERS! ITS GOING TO BE ON A FEBRUARY!

Its been hectic too trying to choreograph to MJ's Thriller for the Teachers' day dance item by tuesday knowing that the CAs are on wednesday and i'm barely even starting. God, i really need a decent sense of urgency and time management. And its a miracle for not failing my subjects this term because 40% of the time I'm found in a corner dozing off (that excludes sciences, and its going to break the streak, i'm sure).

Friday was full of shit, literally. It was the time of the month and i was sent back from school early from my immense cramps which landed me in the toilet purging and puking for the next 1.5 hours and skipping my english paper checking. I am a fucking genius.

The laselle students came for a crash course and we styled Anna hah!
Unfortunately my favorite bag pack snapped and heres to a new one after a bleeding thumb and an hour of sewing!
It was a steal! Found a pair of H&M pants my size from the heap of the laselle student's clothes and it was for.............................free
And here's a picture we thick-skinly asked Mr Ahmad for a photo during the practice before the R&R
in some very intense 'the xx' mood after obsessing of crystalized xoxo

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