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Sunday, August 5, 2012


I've just come to terms with the number of weeks left until the final year exam but its also not a good sign to know that my MT papers are on tuesday and i'm totally disregarding it. It probably hasn't hit me hard enough to realize that i failed mathematics for the first time and i am in absolutely no position to be in this slumber daze. (Do include a sentence to make yourself feel better before you continue wallowing in self-pity here).

Right, so this week has been pretty hectic with all the TKnite frenzy everyone is in, and i am so glad its over, you have no idea how gratifying it is to heave a good sigh of relief after all the shit going on this week.

My weekends were spent, again, with Y. She's here to stay for the night and obviously, there was some major mayhem and midnight sobbing and extensive farting all throughout the day. It's good though, thinking of living this way in 3 years time when i'm probably going to be alone in a dome somewhere without my parents and living in a foreign area. Then again, maybe not.

when my friends thought it would be cool to use my phone to take selfless while i'm asleep

selfie #2
another example of how my friends loves to take selfless while i'm asleep

our 12am diy cut out maxi
the best daiso snacks
grandmama's old skool coffee
jog in the wee hour of the morning (10am)

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