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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Muscle to muscle and toe to toe

The nothingness of this space over the past couple of months was very much contradictory to how my days were spent in this complete emotion turmoil for everyone (in my family). It was the most hectic 2 months of my life. I'll spare myself some dignity and not go on about all that had happened.

Within this couple of months, i believe that i've experienced and felt much more than i could ever attain in a year. The school break wasn't all that much of a bummer either, there were times i felt that it was the most exhilaration i've felt over the mere 14 years of my existence. It truly has been an overwhelming 2 months that i probably would choose not to re-live, but the rough patch isn't quite over just yet.

In the beginning month, i met up with Y for a little sleep over/slumber party which includes a chasing after a bus for a midnight movie, mini-sobfest after, browsing through the mall, midnight photos at a bridge, and swimming the day after.

About a week later, my father decided to book an impromptu trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Of which, i had several photos saved in my phone, but this was what happened.

Moving on, i finally had the chance to meet up with loveliest couple i've ever met and a friend we met over M's concert in August. We went to universal studios for a kick of adrenaline over the mundane school break (and to celebrate the dismissal of the secondary education for B). There we met 2 americans visitors who were adrenaline junkies, and we immediately formed the ultimate 'Revenge of the Mummy Badass Clan'. All 6 of us snuck around the staff pathways to the roller coaster and took it 9 times repeatedly due to the rain. 

Then mom had an impromptu idea to travel to cebu with my extended family. So that happened.

We head over for yet another impromptu visit to Hong Kong and Macau where my cousin and i walked 250m above ground level on a plank that surrounds the macau tower. It was rather significant that i gained a lot of weight over all the excessive eating. I will be back for bungee, most definitely.

That's all for now.

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