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Friday, February 1, 2013


Hello February (and 2013),

Meanwhile, it has been quite a toughie in school trying to catch up most of the assignments and new subjects in 2013. But that aside, here's how i concluded 2012.

Having dinner at coastal settlements with the same bunch of lovely girls, spending the night over at A's house to help with her webstore, food-shopping all around town and our usual dates. (2 more weeks before A goes back to Aussie for university and Y has been pretty caught up with school lately)

Then over the first month of 2013,

I was a little hesitant to transit over to a new year because that will mean moving on to a foreign class, new friends, and new experiences. Change scares me, quite a bit. I was afraid that i would not be able to make friends in a foreign class and i'll be falling behind everyone else in my studies. Thankfully, none of that happen just yet, and school has been pretty enjoyable as of now.

Earlier in the month, as part of the cohort camp, i had the opportunity to go to Pulau Ubin with my classmates for an outdoor adventure. It was a 5 days camp, which includes Kayaking in the open sea for 7 hours, trekking in the jungle for 6, swimming in a quarry in Asia (bet you didn't know that was a quarry!), pitching tents (and sharing rooms with insects) and bathing in a toilet with an ant nest. My biggest take-away from the camp was my tan lines which looks very much like skin-gloves i have on permanently, and 2 OBS camp shirt and probably all the new experiences i never thought i had to courage to attempt.

Another highlight of the month was Laneway Festival 2013! Despite not staying to watch Alt-J, Bat for Lashes, and Kimbra, and not bringing my Diana Mini, it was pretty darn good. We left early because A had some urgent things to attend to at the very last minute, and i decided to go over to C's birthday party gathering so we left at 7pm. On that note, I bumped into my English teacher in Laneway and she said, "nice shoes! and do your english homework!"
It was an outdoor festival so, after my first-degree burns under the sun in OBS, i got a little tanner over there too, damn.
Here's a snippet of how Laneway was like for me, its pretty short. Really short.

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