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Friday, May 31, 2013


Yesterday was the last Friday of the school term which concluded with me sobbing in the hall while my parents converse with my very cranky form teacher (who so happens to be my amath teacher). They were talking about my grades deteriorating and such. She also included "...she also has to comply by the school rules, such (as) the number of ear studs" in my report card I MEAN HOW IS THAT RELEVANT TO ANYTHING? she also missed out on the 'as' in that sentence. Well done.

i left the hall midway because the sight of everyone grimming irked me and it isn't much of a difference if I were there.

The car ride home was dead silent, it was the calmest, most quietest moment of that Friday, thankfully it lasted a good 30mins before my mom left for work.

while I continued on my sobfest alone at home, they decided that it was time to send me text messages about my behavior. I did truly feel remorseful but they did not actually realise that I was in an ordeal.

Anyway night time came and I met with the dancers for the SDT gala at the esplanade. My mood fluctuations were obvious and so were their intolerance to my presence at some point. We headed to the esplanade not long after and Don Quixote made up for my anxiety earlier on. It's definitely my favourite dance piece by far and the SDT rendition of it did not disappoint.

When I was home after the concert, my then, drunk father decides to talk to me about that morning. I refused. I could see tears well up around his eyes but I couldn't bear to get myself into another emotional turmoil neither do I want to aggravate him further. I went to bed that night.

He wrote me a 7 page long text message and he left for China this morning......

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