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Thursday, June 6, 2013

It is now!!

Just got back home from a camp (more like a 2 day long workshop with overly enthusiastic instructors who preach) and thankfully I manage to get by the last day with a mere 3 hours of sleep on a cramp single dorm room bed with 3 other people.

The camp was meant for 'student leaders' and such. It was surprising an enthralling experience. Considering the fact that it's held in a chapel. Had several interactions with people I thought I would have never spoken to, so that's pretty nice. We snuck our phones and a deck of cards to play at the dorm rooms where we ended up talking shit all night, trying to shun instructors who would barge in at 2am only to find us feigning their ignorance. Such is bliss.

Also, we had a talk about a having a fear that others may judge you base on what you are (they thought it would be good to call if FIMAGE which is an abbreviation of fear of image) (Fab) thus resulting in everyone really letting go of our personal draw backs and doing gangnam style in full view of others on stage. I have sinned. We later had an intense hour of dancing with lights flickering and clubbing tracks blasting from a surround system. I could feel adrenaline rushing to the very last inch of my body and everyone was genuinely happy at that very point in time. I love the positivity in that one very small church hall.

So Thank you S, A, G, J, R, A, A, and C for everything over the mere 2 days.

(Also I was lifted by 9 people as thought a human sacrifice. But I felt like Beyonce.)


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