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Thursday, June 13, 2013


She rolled out of an empty bed, shadows casting an adumbrate trace of her willowy frame in a dimly lighted room. Crumpled sleeves as though the wrinkles creased against the hollows of her cheeks, like a baby in its' first throes of slumber. It was seemingly so that the day would kick start with a coffee stained mug as each intake of coffee-scented air such was the depth of her oblivion. That wasn't the case, or what she thought wouldn't be.

She stared at her reflection in a circular mirror amidst the mist of a hot shower. Foggy it seemed, but no where near the thoughts pervading her mind. Humdrum, prosy, the start of a repetitive routine. Visions blurred as she dazed into nothingness, a duplicate of the veil in the mirror.

Soon enough the mirror's cleared, just a split second after she convened from her state of mind. It has bestowed on her that this is only the beginning of a lifetime......

A little description of what seem to occur to me on a daily basis

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