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Monday, August 8, 2011

we had it all

whOooOoopie~ i got my fisheye lenses yesterday, and after much scouting, my paramore hoodie too! can you feel the excitement? and i slammed my finger between the car doors and cried in public but i do kinda like the feel of the pain after the incident, its not exactly painful, its more bruisy-ish, and numb and i dont know it feels funny but it feels good sometimes, my finger is starting to hurt as i type this but hahaha but all is good:-) care to take a look at my semi-purple finger? (i do sound like barney dont i?)

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IH DAY 2011 WAS AN ABSOLUTE BORE. Good thing i left early for tuition, but then again it was nice having a family pack size of gummies and jellybeans and popsicles for lunch times like this are good~~
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XCOUNTRY! yes it was good, until the rainstorm came and everyone dispersed and i was drenched(including my undies and wallet which contains my notes ugh damn) Chilling at tampines, having lunch that was nice too. Of which, 1 hour we spend in the toilet trying to dry our wet clothes with the hand dryer but y'know you dont always get to dry shit in a public toilet.
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So our school celebrated national day today, i went to school looking like crap(red printed shirt, jeans and pumps ugh) hahahaha and yes the pictures are of a really low quality because i'm lazy to transfer them into the computer so i took a photo of the photos via the webcam. But we baked rainbow cupcakes! With the koolest girls ever;-) jamming at Sarah's place, singing, getting ridiculously embarrassing in cold-storage cause we sat on a trolley(by 'we' i meant 'i') ok 'nuff said observe the picutres below (and baking too)(that's what i'm talking about!)

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and yes, good bye:-)

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Just caught 'yes or no'(thai) and all i could think of is you, i would tell you how much you mean to me, but it's just not worth risking a friendship this sucks really

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