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Sunday, May 13, 2012

blue prints

(this i'll probably be a long entry about my mother)

The pendulum of the sturdy old clock in the living room has been ticking for hours since the day started and i only got to see mom 2 hours ago, for it was mothers day. We've merely past glances at each other and hugged to say 'happy mother day!', i hope the card i placed on the coffee table in the wee hours of the morning, actually dawned upon her. I vaguely remember last night as i chanced upon her sleeping at 2am, after coming back from a midnight movie with several buddies, before deciding to pen down my thoughts on a piece of pink paper and signing off with a greeting '...once again happy mothers day', that was my card for her.

She was the lady whom i am most thankful for and apprehensive at the same time for her constant slamming of the doors down the walkway to the room still echoes in my mind pretty vividly, and if you were ever reading my previous entries, you'd probably know more. But also, she was the one who planned my journey till my 14 years of existence on this nasty place. Thus i shall elaborate on my plan in the future, of which i spend an hour explaining to her yesterday morning. 

I somewhat charted a blueprint in my mind on the education route i wish to embark on, and did several researches and my mind was probably made up on going to a polytechnic in singapore under the courses either: new media and creative writing or business innovation and design. Probably because my thinking have been fixated on going to have a career choice of only 2 routes: a journalist (and get a double degree in mass communications) or fashion marketing. I hope all turns out well, and mom did agree on that, and was supportive of the idea. But i'll probably have to get a scholarship in university because relying on the probably means work for another 3 more years instead of retirement next year. 

Back onto my day yesterday. I met with P early in the morning to thrift and got some chains so i could make a camera strap and it turned out pretty well and as of today, this self-proclaimed OCD junkie has finally color coded her wardrobe and its probably one of the most productive thing i have done ever since the end of the exams.

I'd get started on some chinese now, and join mom for dinner, while dad's overseas sigh. 


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