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Friday, May 25, 2012


As of now, I'm probably a goner. Been into too much shit in a week span, and 1 of the few shit I've been into led my phone into jenny lim's pocket and it's probably cling wrapped and shoved some where in the office, which also explains why i don't have adequate pictures to update this mundane space. (which is also why I'm typing on an iPad and my fat fingers aren't really helping at a time like this) On a side note, I've got a coral Diana f+. I named her corallie, and thus ditching my cheap disberi away since it really isn't working as well. It's also the first day of the June holidays and I'm probably having a huge burst of impulse to do something stupid again, probably like getting a hair tattoo (but we'll have to see about that) I've also been practicing religiously for 30mins a day on the ukulele too. Ah this is overwhelming, so much has happened. I don't know where to begin. Maybe after another 11 more days, this space shall be filled with my new develop films. Ah I'm getting fidgety just thinking of it. Maybe corallie will be going for a spin in the deserted area of bugis where I learn my ukulele, they have a hidden park there with a French cafe and they rent pink bikes to lovers there. Splendid.

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