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Thursday, June 2, 2011

eyes of a tiger

Don't you get sick and tired of everything. Face it, we can't do what we wanna do, we can't fully express ourselves, we can't fully push ourselves to our limits. It's the 21st century and everyone is being judge based on their appearance. I want to get my left sleeve tattooed when im 21, but it's not fully possible. It'll be difficult for me to get a job, difficult for my future in-laws to accept me and my child next time will get judged base on his/her mother. Fuck the world. It's not true when they say: follow your dreams and express yourself. Fuck those nonsense. That's all script based and only shown in movies. Unless I'm born rich with nothing to care about but education then, yes, there is a chance. But out of all human population there is only a handful that has the privilege of living a blessed life. I highly doubt I'll ever regret getting inked in the future, I've been watching LA ink since I was 11, and have been drawing the exact same picture on my arm on a daily basis, it's a symbol that actually means something. And it's not just tattoos. People get judged all the time. Just cause one hang out with people who cut doesn't necessarily mean that they're scene. Just cause One gets prada doesn't mean that they're bimbotic. Fuck stereotypes too, this is shit.

-thoughts from me when I'm 13

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