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Monday, July 4, 2011


everyone I'm close to is drifting away. Px and I don't always talk anymore, and I miss her advice and nonsense over the phone, I miss chilling at her place and doing absolutely nothing, we can make vids of ourselves doing crap and laugh over spilt milk. Ws and I haven't been texting either. We use to hang out every holiday but we didn't for the June/youth/march holiday and we use to call each other names and poke fun of each other. Even pp and i haven't been seeing each other everyday. She's either busy with her new roles or it's just way too awkward for us to talk, we don't write anymore too. I have no one else to talk to nowadays. It's hard to get by each day. And so this is how I spend my youth day, secretly crying in my room. Cheers.

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