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Thursday, July 21, 2011

in your mind

Hey, no one genuinely cares except your parents, at least that's what I think. And it's probably proven me right since he's liking someone else now, im caught at home, struggling to get my thoughts straight. But I'm always a disappointment so what's the point? It's like I've never actually done you proud academically, even if I do aesthetically, I've never actually seen that pride in your face. That's probably why I've been draining myself out lately, running everyday, doing crunches and stretching before I sleep, so I can forget about what's on my mind and fall asleep almost immediately.

Do note that I'm not wallowing in self pity. Neither am I seeking for attention but I would really want to keep a space where I can have my (personal) emotional word vomit or for me to come back to this space after a year or so to look back on how much things have changed. It's a space for me to pour things out and I might want to private this blog after awhile.

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