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Saturday, October 22, 2011

It should be happy

Sup homiezzzzz I'm just done with rehearsals and my dad told me that he would drive me home (YAY) cause I stupidly forget to bring my umbrella but he's still not here. By the way, burlesque is too good "show me how to burlesque" is even better and it has been stuck in my head for days now, all thanks to the choreography.

Speaking of choreography, dance club choreo a dance to superbass and we learnt it in 3 hours and (woohoo) presented it to the p6s during the open house today. Honestly, I was realllllly (like really) embarrassed because during the run through, my friends said I gave this face a lot during the dance ":-E)" and I also caught some others snickering during the dance sigh, but all's good:-) mun, Chen, hsiao ying and I went to a pinch of salt for lunch after that and I went to cityhall to meet mum and got to thread my brows. Didn't get my bikini though, mum was rushing for an appointment.

(dad's here)

Anyway, lately I've been too moody in school, there were several emotional outbreaks during the script checking and I was always found in the counselor's office. I've also been going to town alone lately, almost everyday, (well except yesterday, I went with Candice) and bump into rabbit101 O MY LURD THAT GIRL IS ONE HELLUVA BIG BITCH. but zahwell :-( went out with yam and belle very frequently too, these girls are my love forever.

By the way, my laptop has broken down and I've got an iPad thus, I can't upload pictures neither can I update to iOS 5 (annoying!!!!!)

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