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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Probably the only sec 2 now not studying knowing that MYEs are approaching, and the person who has the least sense of urgency at a time like this. So, today was absolutely splendid. Went alone in the rain to the singapore flyer to help out with Y's booth and rummage through several others loots to find treasure of which i never understood why people would ever discard. Spent my afternoon sitting by the gavel ledge not too far away from the booth, people watching and whiling my time away with Y. We talked over popeyes before it started to pour and i decided to leave, and get home to prepare for tuition.

My initial plan to study didn't work out, and all i've done was studied chem for a mere 1.5 hours and read a chapter of the literature book, not too long ago, i flunked my math test of which consists 40% of the terms marks. I cried, pretty badly, not because i didn't study, but on the contrary, because it was the subject i put the most effort in. Enough said, these are the shit i've got from the flea today. I'd better get started on some work now.

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