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Saturday, May 7, 2011

a little more caution

on a brighter note, ive decided to step out of my room and wish my mum a happy mothers day. Sigh, am still having tuition later though and a family gathering afterwards. But that's okay. At least I could still see the smiles on others faces and my couzzz:-) and it'll be pretty eventful tomorrow cause I'll be going to avril's concert. And the day after, back at reality. On a random note, I dont have a crush. At all. Like for once in 163872190 years. I gave up after 2 years. -sense of achievement- I could finally let go of something. Shall have a third entry later if I don't get home too late. And I just went to hug my mum, and we didn't even glance at each other for a moment.

Hold back your tears put them to use some joyous day.

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