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Friday, May 27, 2011

that's what i'm talking about

It is times like this when things are good, and everyone is happy about basically everything. Cheap thrills like going to the supermarket to get ingrediants followed by heart to heart talks and chilling by the pool make time pass so much faster. So, basically, Mun yee and and i went over to Chenlyn's house for a massive-bake-a-thon. I swear her living rooms smell so good then. Oh the smell of good ol' cupcakes baking in her massive oven. -thumbs up-

We had a good time. Perhaps it was only me hahaha, i swear i was so annoying. Running up and down her house, and all around the supermarket singing the cadbury theme song feeling like a 3 year old kid getting new barbie toys. Chen had to cover my mouth at one point cause of the sudden adrenaline rush that made me go bonkers. Okay, enough of the crap. I was normal by the time we left the supermarket and had a cup of soghurt before heading over to her place where all the fun and madness began. It was indeed a great day, it's starting to feel that everything's gonna work out just fine, even PTC went well! 4 A's 1 B's and 2 C's. well, at least i improved -pats back-

*back from my bath! The cupcakes were delicious and edible by the way(so much for self-praising) :-D

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