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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

time will take you on it's tide

my feet was hurting like a bitch I swear. Some of our class girls went to haji, bugis, arab st just to get all the props for carnival day(we better do well or our efforts literally go down the drain) and after that C insisted on neoprints thus we spend the next our bombing neoprint machines. 3 to be exact. A and I went to get our nails done after they left and am back to get my feet massage+get jeans cause I'm getting fat. Speakin of which, I shall do a 5 secrets about me:

1. (it may sound disgusting) I always force my poop out almost twice to thrice a day cause I want to get thin.
2. I like glaring at people on public transports and they often behave awkward. I feel bad afterwards but it kinda gets funny no? I sound horrible.
3. I mentally reply text messages so I often forget to virtually reply them.
4. I hide my feelings very often but have really sudden outbreaks.
5. I really am not weird and hate it when people go "can you behave normal?" it's just my personality bitch.

Now it's no longer a secret. And it feels good to let them out.

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