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Friday, December 23, 2011

eve of xmas

chuen asked several friends and I out for a pre-Xmas dinner and a casual day out. God knows why I turned it down and instead I'm mugging and finishing up my elearning. I would really like some time alone and it doesn't seem very jolly at this time of the year. Spent my whole morning alone watching HK dramas and having steamboat w mom and pops for dinner. Didn't go for the dancers Xmas gathering too.

On a random note, (doubt there are ppl actually reading this space anymore but still...........) im clearing my wardrobe for the new house and there were many new apparels chucked in a corner and totally unused and in a relatively good condition(considering the fact that i only got them this year). Sold 3 pairs of denims and am planning to do a selling post some time soon. With that said.......................MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSSS :-)

some pictures of the Xmas parties/presents below:

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