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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

square one

Yesterday, i was doing the honors of finding out the FMS for the class only to be greeted by the horrors of seeing mr teo's pictures smacked right below the flimsy sticker which wrote "2/6". It has finally dawned upon me that, I'll be in sec 2 next year, which usually means, the streaming year. But I've yet to feel the urge of preparing for the year, let alone completing the assignments during the holidays. (of which, I haven't touch lol)

Been dancing everyday once again. But yesterday, mrs menstrual decided to stop by for the week and I was sent home to rest from the 9 hour practice we had, i came back after 2 hours of rolling around on my bed and screaming "WALAO EH OF ALL TIME YOU COME NOW STOOOOOOPID", we checked out 112 KATONG after, and had ramen there. It was good. Today was another practice, we did well. Hopefully it will prevail till the performance on friday :-)

Here are some of the nonsense I've done over the past few days

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