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Saturday, December 3, 2011

...........that's when under-creepers come in handy

My Saturday was blissful, spend the morning with the fams having popiah at granny's and after lunch mom had to get her hair cut and I joined her, CHEEEEEEBS MY FRINGE IS SO SCREWED UP NOW I'M PINNING IT UP EVERYDAY!!!!!!!! anyway, there's this really cute dyke there working as intern in the salon I frequently go to, I MUST BE IN LUCK LOL.

Brb, I have to take a look in the mirror.


so megs and yam had an impromptu decision to flea when it was pouring like literally RAINING LIKE SKABALDBLQBSPANAPA but after clearing some shit at home I left to join them. We had to wait for the yammy though.

So you see, we had to walk to the f1 pit stop and I was wearing oxfords on a rainy day (how stupid, and I left my umbrella at home), and by the time we reach the flea my shoes were soaked to the skin and it really wasn't a good feeling.


After the flea, I left with megs we stop by a nearby gongcha to get a drink before heading back. Today was good, really good indeed. Now, let me just catch up on THE BAD GIRLS CLUB 7 and this are the buys I got today. FUCK I HAVE UNICORN SILLY BANDS!!!!!!! AND MY FUCKING BLACK PLAYSUIT AND DISCO MAXI SKIRT!!!! *contented*

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