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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 02. Nine things about yourself.

1. I go to the toilet a lot (I have an irritable bowel syndrome hahahahaha) I like to shit

2. I use the same toilet cubicle in school every single day

3. I can only study in the library with earpiece glued to my ears, playing either ellie's tracks or symphony 92.4fm hahaha not kidding

4. I think people (especially boys) with really slicked-back hair, thick defined brows and small tattoos are sexy

5. I want to have an edgy short hair with 2 shaves sides and a short Mohawk but I can't pull that off

6. I like reading wattpad on long bus rides home, because I do not have 3G

7. I like putting outfits together, taking pictures of them and chucking the pictures into a useless folder I name: qiajjahapabapfjpdmeps

8. I don't like celebrating birthdays, hate planning and inviting friends over or going out. I prefer to be home alone with the people I love, watching good chickflicks and hanging by the beach till the sunrise

9. I want to try a cigar and get a white ink tattoo soon, anyway it'll fade in a couple of years

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