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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

loose ends


I don't know where to start, but Xmas shopping can really drive me nuts. Went thrifting with the Rach in the morning, and I love my loots!!!!! (SOOOO MUCH) and left to meet Yini for an impromptu Xmas shopping in town.

Visited the chongster in awfully choc and we left for daiso AND SPLURGE!! LIKE LITERALLY GO CRAZY!!! I swear we were lugging the basket everywhere and the madness didnt just end there, we head over to Tangs so Yini could visit her friends who were working there. Got everyones gifts and 200+ of my savings were gone like that. None of the items were mine after spending a whole day of lugging and paying. But then again, it's the season of giving:-) we went home with 3 big bags of gifts during the peak hour, bet people hated us cause we were laughing and shoveling our bags through the crowd.

Came home only to be greeted with the programme booklet, and I spend the next 5 hours on the computers (YES 2 COMPUTERS) and I'm only done from page 1-9. The next 4 pages are D's responsibility hehe.

Gonna meet yini and head over to party with the rest of the girls in sentosa at night and will be heading to Hk the next day at 5am. It's gonna be a sleepless night.

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