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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big time sensuality

The title (once again) have nothing to do with the entry whatsoever and it came from one of my favorite Björk song so, there it is!

Nothing has been going on lately, probably only hanging with the gayest fagz I know from dance (btw, I love gay fagz) and mindlessly shoving food into my mouth. And there's going to be 3 up and coming dance performances finally! It has been far too long.

I got a message from T yesterday and she was in need of 3 dancers for some UCC@NUS performance this coming week and there's going to be some TKGS night, I think. And R&R probably at the later part of the year.

Anyway, i am having an urge to shave or cut my hair................again. You know what they say, once you go short, you'll never go back. Or did they.

And I am addicted to hong kong movies............again. 'Cause I am so asian.

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