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Saturday, July 7, 2012

"tinkle winkle," said my belly

Well well well.
Thursday was probably the best day of the week. Janelle, Gloria, Dionne and I decided to blindfold krystal from school all the way to the cupcake shop since it's her birthday before surprising her. I had the honor of guiding her there and it was totally worth it telling her to lift her leg up for there is a bump up ahead when there really isn't. We went back for dance and since the school never gives us a place to dance ever, we danced in the foyer, ON THE ROAD. and upon seeing such a miserable sight, some kind soul decided to lead us 3 levels underground in tk for our practice. The place was like a hugeass laboratory, how lovely. The place wasn't cleaned in ages and we had the pleasure to roll on the group first. How...........perfect.

Then, my relatives (sort of) from china is here in Singapore, and I never knew I had relatives of any sort besides Malaysia. But they are here and I have to become a tour guide for the next couple of days. Perfect timing, because I have exams on Tuesday.

My day started of at 12.30pm when I rolled out of bed and went on to mug for the next couple of hours before bringing the boys down for a swim (while I continue reading animal farm) and realize that I miss the last ukulele lesson ever before going back to have tuition and then came down again for BBQ.

On a side note, my dad makes the best BBQs ever, i don't know how he does it and the concoctions he uses but damn they're good and food I'll die for. Not a piece was charred neither was it undercooked. Yum in my Tum Tum!

Anyhoos, I am going for a run tomorrow and macritchie (I think) in the morning and probably try to study a little more later in the day.

No idea why the school wants us to have math and Chinese on the same damn day when there are 5 days in a weekday. What a fool. I am probably going to do a little bit of Chinese and recap on math before heading to bed.

Good bye sleepy heads

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