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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

give me the strength

Things aren't right lately

Mom's away on a trip, dad's barely home, the things some people do in school disgusts me and exams are just next week. Needless to say, I am unprepared as always.

Turning in now and waking up early tomorrow to study. Hopefully some notes get in my head. xoxo to everyone who's going for xcountry, though it's an utter waste of time in my opinion. Thursday's going to be great with G and J at UCC all geared up in stockings and court shoes and we're all going to put on the tk blazer for the first time (pretty damn excited for that ha ha ha) patriotism at it's best.


"The chubby ones would likely always be chubby. The beloved, I sensed, would be beloved for life. And I worried that loneliness might work that way, too. Maybe loneliness was imprinted in my genes, lying dormant for years but now coming into full bloom.”

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