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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

hello, pretty face

These couple of days have left me in high spirits.

It all started off when i met Anissa on a saturday for her short stay in singapore after coming back from canberra and it's nice to know that after months of separation, there wasn't an awkward aura emitting from neither of us. We talked over lunch before getting a karaoke room for an hour or so and that was probably the best hour of my day. If you happen to chance upon this, thanks for the nini :-)

We parted our ways and i met with belle and megan for Pink Dot. We bumped into a guy slightly older than i am and he was B's friend, so we went along as a group bef
ore bumping into many others and ended up with 6 people in total. It's so welcoming to see many familiar faces in the crowd although it was so stuffy i could hardly make my way through when i lost them while scampering through the heaps of pink. It was probably one of the best feeling to share a common understanding as several others. We shown our pink flash lights amidst the crowd and walked around and talked to several others. Not forgetting the badass monopoly money i got off a caucasian lady when we were making our w
ay to the tents. How nice, there were "FREE HUGS" banners and drag queens, its was a beautiful night
. Though, i prefer the 2011 Pink Dot during the day last year, i'm coming again in 2013 and probably till i get old. So, we left for dinner at central where we spent 1.5 hours deciding on where to eat, before settling for a peranakan restaurant where i ordered brinjals and hated it.

Yesterday was a whole day of being in a tight fitted lace dress that lasted me probably 12 hours. It was a great night nevertheless, seeing many pretty faces in the crowd and buckling up for 2 hours of insane goodness (classical music by the TKGSSB). We had our foots treated by a fish spa before that too :-)

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