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Friday, September 9, 2011

enthralling power

great great great today is great. Paramore/ellie goulding's playlist is on replay and all is good except for the fact that school is starting in 2 days time. The only time i actually revise was today for 2 hours, and that was it. Good job GC, you never fail to disappoint.

Anyway, i had my helix piercing done today and its recovering pretty quickly so far. Sorta sneaked out of the house yesterday to meet peixuan and hanyi in town cause i couldnt stand a min on my desk facing math, gone over to my granny's place for mooncakes and dinner during at night and surprisingly my mum wasnt mad. The day before was spent in town as well, with Yamin and her friend, Natalie. She was cool as hell. We spend our evening in H&M and it was so damn crowded. After being in there for 2 hours, i only got a bowler hat. Went to a sentosa after that at night for dinner, luge, and skyride. It was so satisfying.

My holidays were pretty good, and i have yet to remind myself that FTEs are in less than a months time. Kudos to GC. Time to get down to work. I decided to vlog but the video couldnt convert from AVI to MVI so too bad hahaha let the picutres do the talking.


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